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MECHATRONIC - Noble announces its new XVB93 (PDF file, 222KB) Series 9mm, panel-mount rotary potentiometers. The Series offers a low right-angle profile height of just 6.5mm. It is ideally suited for audio, automotive, telecommunications and industrial control applications.

Noble's XVB93 Series potentiometers are available in a variety of configurations, including single, dual or multiple section resistive elements, offered with single or concentric shafts. Combinations include a rotary potentiometer matched with rotary or push-momentary switches, or with push- lock retractable shaft functions. Shafts are offered in flatted, knurled and round shapes in a variety of lengths.

The new potentiometers have a resistance range of 10K to 100K , and are available in Audio, Linear and Reverse Audio Tapers. Their power rating is 0.05W, with a maximum rated voltage of 50V AC / 10V DC.

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