The trend of globalization and an increasing competitive environment, forces OEM's to offer not only products. Essential becomes the ability to offer services and maintenance via Internet in order to serve increasing demand for product support, updates and maintenance on time. At development of this class of services and support, web technology will help to offer a cost effective solution and brings the freedom and flexibility by remote administration, at embedded systems.

In this context WizNet has developed the i2Chip series.

The W3100 is an ASSP (Application Specific Standard Product), the world's first hardwired TCP/IP chip with Ethernet Interface. It is designed for high speed applications because of its loopback speed of more than 3 Mbps.

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General i2Chip presentation of concepts and marketing potentials

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Roadmap of the i2Chip series. Extract of the WizNet-Product-Solutions.pdf

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Datasheets of the i2Chip W3100 TCP/IP chip and the i2Chip W3100A TCP/IP chip.




W3100 erata information V1.0

Important information that helps desginers to understand and overcome limitations of current chip functionality. You find the recommended workarounds from WIZnet.

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Sample Applications and Tools for the i2Chip WiznetW3100


Developer Support Tools (EVB)


Application Modules



Interface Boards




87WN303 Product Description TCP/easy GPIMC V2.pdf
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TCP/easy is a low budget development tool which allows the connection of virtually any commonly used MCU to the TCP/ Internet Protocol.

The easy to set up communication through a general MCU Port via the W3100A chip and PHY to the PC with RJ45 interface allows developers to concentrate on the application instead of struggling with layouts, signal flows and possible hardware bugs.

  • General Purpose Interface Microcontroller Connectivity
  • TCP/IP v.4
  • DLC, MAC
  • 4 independent connections
  • Up to 4-5 Mbps/s
  • 10/100T Mbps Mode
  • EEPROM for MAC-address on board
  • I2C Interface




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