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MECHATRONIC - Noble  has introduced its RDS Series multifunction switch with dual shafts for applications requiring multiple control functions from a single input device. Housed in a lightweight, yet highly durable package, the RDS Series is suitable for applications demanding versatile performance from a single, compact component. These include portable, handheld control units used in consumer electronics, robotics, GPS systems, and light industrial equipment.

The outer shaft of the RDS Series switch offers 360 endless rotation with an integrated spring-return jog. It offers a rotational torque of 6.8mNm and a 100,000 cycle operating life. The inner shaft features an outer 4-way switch with a center push switch. Its rotational torque is 1.75Nm and it has a 50,000-cycle operating life.

The RDS Series has a switch rating of 5V DC, 10mA and an operating temperature of -10C to 60C. Its dimensions measure 34.6mm(L) X 37.5mm(W) X 9.5mm(H). It is offered with PC-pin or flex-tail terminations. An optional knob is also available. Pricing for the RDS Series multifunction switch (without knob) is $2.50 each in quantities of 1,000 units.

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RDS Series Dual-Shaft, Multifunction Switch


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